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Here is Gary Bettman indicating the size of something. It must be the size of his pea-brain because his manhood couldn't possibly be that big! Someone, please, please, please put the NHL out of it's misery. Fire Versus! Fire Gary Bettman! Fire the dimwit executives who couldn't figure out that they should have checked with the CBC schedule before thinking they could use, (steal), the CBC feed. What a friggin joke! I thought the NHL Award ceremony would be on television at it's scheduled time of 7PM last night, but the joke was on me. I set the DVR at 7PM on Versus. I could have sworn that it said "NHL Awards Ceremony" on the program listing when I set it. When I got back from playing tennis, got something to eat, and turned on my DVR, it was like watching the ending of the Sopranos part 2. But instead of a blank screen, I was watching some lame strongman competition. Perhaps David Chase really is a genius because the blank screen was more entertaining than what was on Versus at 7.

A few weeks ago I posted about how it would be better for the future of the league if the NHL would go back to ESPN. I realize that ESPN treats hockey like a stepchild, but at least it's a real NETWORK! At least the majority of hockey fans can access the channel! At least hotels and restaurants and bars across the country have heard of them! Versus is nothing but a joke. If the NHL wants to gain back a shred of credibility, they need to get on a real television network. The reason given for missing the show is inexcusable. (that they didn't know that the CBC was delaying an hour). Remember that funny commercial with the chimps in the boardroom? That must have been filmed at Versus!

Okay, enough ranting about that for now. Congratulations goes to Hurricane's Captain Rod Brind'Amour who once again won the Selke Trophy. While Rod would never admit it, I think the award was very well deserved. He had an excellent year, even if it didn't equate to the team having success. To think that he played much of the year on an injured heel is amazing.

I'm going to have to post my targets for the forward position later today or tomorrow. A couple of people left comments guessing that my primary target would be Bill Guerin, which is correct! Guerin was the most sought after acquisition before the trade deadline last year. Every playoff bound team wanted him. Now, he's barely mentioned on any of the rumor sites. After scoring 8 goals in 16 games for the Sharks to close out the season, (in addition to the 28 that he scored earlier for the Blues), he went scoreless in the playoffs and turned out to be a disappointment. I don't think that's any reason to close the book on him though. He has always had hands of gold around the net and is deadly on the powerplay. It seems to me that the Canes could have used some powerplay help at times last year! If I was Jim Rutherford, I would make a phone call to Guerin's agent and see what he had to say. It might be interesting! I'll talk about other possible targets at forward later. TGIF!

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