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Day Job

Yesterday, I was one upset blogger. I wanted heads to roll, I wanted someone to get fired! Looks like I got my wish. Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs must have really found out who was behind the Versus/NHL Award show fiasco and immediately fired Bruins head coach Dave Lewis when he found out! Oh sure, the Bruins issued the typical boilerplate "time for us to go into another direction", mumbo jumbo with the announcement of his release, but we all know what this was really about. The timing of this couldn't have made it any more clear!

Okay, enough of that tom-foolery, but the timing of this is a bit weird. They fire the guy a week before the draft? Why not fire him a month or two ago, if that was the plan? Did they just recently decide that they were moving in a different direction and needed a new coach? What the heck have they been doing the past 2 months? More likely than not, the timing was based more upon Calgary's recent hiring of Mike Keenan. Did Jacobs wake up from hibernation and say to himself, "Self..that's a great idea, we should get a new head coach too!" Anyway, good luck to Dave Lewis in finding a new "day job". He's a classy guy and was a good assistant, but he never got the job done as a Head Chef. Could ex-Devil's headmaster Claude Julien be next in line for that position? He did a heck of a job this year in New Jersey before Lou Lamoriello got an itchy trigger finger and gave him his walking papers simply because the team looked flat right before the playoffs. That was just one of a few questionable moves by Lou recently. Is he starting to get senile? Speaking of the Devils, they are supposedly in the market for a head coach as well, unless Lou changes his mind and decides to stay behind the bench himself to start out the year. Crazy stuff! The Hurricanes are one stable franchise compared to some of these outfits.

Time to rev up the John Deere. Happy Saturday!

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