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It looks like the inevitable finally happened. The Minnesota fashion police caught up with Eric Staal and arrested him for having bad taste! Remember that GQ photo shoot with the weird hat and cake? Seriously, Eric and his brother Jordan got into a bit of trouble at his bachelor's party the other night. Luke DeCock got wind of it and posted the news on his blog as well as ran a feature story about it on the News and Observer. That ought to sell a few more papers tomorrow! I'm going to take the "Jim Rutherford approach" and not make any judgements or official statements until after more information comes out, (if any). I've been to a few bachelor parties myself and while we never mouthed off to cops, there was a bit of drinking going on and a bit of rowdiness. It's a minor miracle a couple of my friends ever got married. Hopefully, the boys said their apologies and will head back to the weight room to prepare for the coming season. By the way, I already received the first email blaming ME for the incident because I previously said how quiet and squeaky clean hockey news was compared to football, basketball, and baseball headlines. But it's not my fault, it's the curse of being on the cover of EA Sports NHL 2008!

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