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Take a Look Around

Things are still quiet concerning the Hurricanes, so let's take a quick look around the blogroll and some other sites we have linked with. Starting with my fellow Hurricane bloggers, Beth talks about John Grahame and other musings in Beth and Hockey. Next on the list, we look at the most recent post in Canes Blog Central, where Mike Sundeim shares information about Craig Adams and his experience with some Special Olympics floor hockey games. WufPirate is keeping things real in Carolina On Ice. By the way, if you are interested in local college hockey information, be sure to check out that site because WP also covers that scene and does it well. CasonBlog has been on the road lately, but it's always worth a look-see. Magnolia Mer finished the new Harry Potter book, but there are no spoilers in Paperwhites in Season. D. Lee celebrates his 2nd anniversary over at Red and Black Hockey. Stormbringer, the Acid Queen, and our favorite teenage Caniac Blogger all roll out the red carpet for Matt Cullen. Chris of the Penalty Killer has done some redecorating at his site! Last but not least, the following site is not a blog but The Hurricanes Hockey Report provides a plethora of statistics and other information about the Canes. "The Whaler" has his site all refreshed and ready for the coming season, but there are always archives of past seasons to check out. Each of these sites are listed on the left sidebar under the appropriate heading for easy access at anytime.

A couple of new blogs asked to be listed on the blogroll and of course I immediately agreed. For a kosher look at the New York Rangers, check out The Hockey Rabbi. Plus,there's a new Sabres blogger in town over at Die by the Blade. Both of these sites look like they are off to a good start! If you have a blog or other hockey related site, or even a local site that you'd like to have listed here, don't hesitate to shoot me an email. As long as it falls within our general scope, and you don't mind listing CanesCountry on your site as well, I will never have a problem exchanging links. I always thought that was common decorum and standard operating procedure, but some bloggers aren't like that. There are a few bloggers that I have emailed a couple of times about being listed on their blogroll, but for whatever reason it never happens. I guess they think their sites are too special to have the likes of "CanesCountry" listed on them? I get excuses like, "we are going to redo our site in a couple of months" or "I will add links later in the summer and will keep you in mind," or sometimes we get no response at all. It's not brain surgery to add a link. If you know how to copy and paste, it takes all of 10 seconds. It's funny, because professionals like Paul Kukla, Lyle Richardson at Spector's Hockey, and Mike Chen all welcomed CC with open arms and posted the link to our site almost immediately. We appreciate that and won't forget it! Back when this site was new, those links helped to create much needed traffic. Now that we have been around awhile and have a solid following, I'm just going to delete links to sites that refuse to reciprocate with links back to CC. How about the rest of you? Has anyone else had trouble at times getting their site listed on other blogrolls, or is it just me?

Happy Hump Day people!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers