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Tobacco Road

Jaime Pressly has been nominated for an Emmy, has her own clothing line, is on a popular prime time television show, and has starred in numerous movies. Why is she gracing the cover of this Carolina Hurricanes blog? Because this "Carolina Girl" is also a Caniac! In a recent interview by Allison Scotch of American Way Magazine, Pressly was asked about what she liked most about visiting her home in North Carolina. Her list of answers included eating at Bojangles and shopping at Crab Tree Valley Mall, Glenwood Avenue, and Cameron Village. One subsequent question was: "What about sports? North Carolinians can be crazed about their basketball and such. Are you a fan?" Jaime's answer? "Well the thing to do in Raleigh is to go to the RBC Center and watch the Carolina Hurricanes. They won the Stanley Cup last year, which was pretty exciting!" You go girl! Who says college basketball is king on Tobacco Road? Obviously not Jaime! You can read the entire article by clicking the "American Way Magazine" link above.

Is it ever too early to begin a discussion about the lines? Since Matt Cullen was re-acquired, I thought it might be interesting to see who most of you would prefer to see play alongside him on the 3rd line. I started a new poll on the right asking exactly that question. At the end of the week, we'll see which players got the majority of votes, then I'll see if I agree or not, and why. There's not much more going on here at the moment. Maybe we'll take a look at some arbitration awards tomorrow.

Edgar Winter