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I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

The Versus hockey schedule is out, and the Hurricanes will be "bad and they'll be nationwide," 5 times this year! That's much better than last year when the, at that time, Stanley Cup champions were only scheduled 3 times. The Canes also made out much better than their brothers in the Southeast Division. Here are the dates the Canes will be nationwide!

10/9 Canes at Toronto
11/12 Canes at Florida
1/2 Atlanta at Canes
2/5 Canes at Nashville
2/26 New Jersey at Canes

Those look like good games! Maybe some thought actually went into the selection process this year? But as I mentioned, our poor kin from within the division didn't fare as well. Atlanta and Washington are both on 4 times. But Tampa Bay is only on twice and Florida once! I didn't bother to count to see how many times the Penguins and the Rangers are on, but I'm sure we will hear about that soon enough. How big of a deal is this? Well, the reality is that most of us locally would prefer to watch the game on Fox 50 with our local production crew and broadcasters anyway, but this is huge for our out of town fans who don't have center ice. My parents will be thrilled!

I have been searching and searching the internet for news about the Staal wedding, but I have yet to find one thing. I guess we can assume that Eric and his fiancee, Tanya Vanden Broeke, were happily married as scheduled on August 3rd. Let me join my bud, WufPirate at Carolina on Ice, in wishing them all the best!

I'm still collecting information about our prospects who will be in town next week. I'll be posting about it soon. Until then, have a happy!

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