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No Name, No Face, No Number

Are you having trouble identifying the prospects at the RecZone this week? Mike Sundheim was kind enough to post their numbers so that fans can tell one fast skating youngster from another. Everybody needs a scorecard and now here is yours!

43 BABIN, Noah
53 BORER, Casey
57 BOWMAN, Drayson
65 DODGE, Nick
39 DWYER, Patrick
46 FLOOD, Mark
74 GILIATI, Stefano
55 KUNES, Timothy
64 McCRAE, Justin
67 SAMSON, Jerome
58 TERRY, Chris

Mike also reported some other news about "numbers". Matt Cullen will be wearing his familiar number 8 again, the same number he wore during the 2006 Stanley Cup season. He wore number 5 last year in the Big Apple. Tim Gleason, the owner of the number 8 jersey last year will be going back to number 42, the same number he donned in Los Angeles. I wonder what negotiation took place between Cullen and Gleason about the number exchange? Perhaps a bottle or two of Duplin wine, (the new official wine of the Hurricanes), traded hands? Seriously, Timmy seems like a reasonable guy, he probably offered the number back to Matt. Speaking of the wine, Duplin has never been a favorite of mine, but maybe it's changed for the better over the years. I'll give it a try again.

First round choice, Brandon Sutter will be wearing number 14 in training camp. He wears number 12 in Red Deer, but we all know that number isn't available and hopefully won't be for some time! Newly acquired Jeff Hamilton will be wearing number 51.

The Hurricanes are posting some nice information about the prospect camp on their website along with videos. Check it out! The boys will be back on the ice again this afternoon at 3 or 3:30 and will finish up tomorrow at about the same time. I hope to make at least one of the sessions. TGIF!!