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We receive emails from a variety of people almost on a daily basis at "". (Keep them coming!). A month or so ago, the kind people at the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, (MASN), contacted me about possible advertising opportunities. Bottom line, they liked the blog and wanted to advertise here. After visiting their homepage at and seeing that they primarily televised Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals baseball games, I had to wonder why they might be interested in advertising here. So I asked them exactly that! Come to find out, they also televise many local North Carolina college football and basketball games and want to increase their NC viewership. For example, they have 9 ECU Pirates football games scheduled this season as well as the Skip Holtz weekly show. They want to get the word out! For Wolfpack and Tarheel lovers, they will also show the Tom O'Brien, Sidney Lowe, and Butch Davis weekly shows as well as a few selected football and basketball games. For lacrosse lovers, MASN also shows some college lacrosse. For more information about NC programming, check out this link. While MASN can be found on Comcast, The Dish Network, and Direct TV, it is not yet available on Time Warner Cable. If you are a Time Warner customer and this programming sounds like something you might be interested in, please let them know. They have an online petition on the NC programming page, or you can contact Time Warner directly. Who knows, maybe MASN will televise hockey at some point? For the time being, the MASN flash ad can be found on the right sidebar under the "Sponsors" heading. I'd like to thank the folks at MASN for the opportunity and a special thanks goes to Kristen for her kind words about CanesCountry and for choosing us.

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