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Shock the Monkey

In some real "shocking" news, the Carolina blueline took their first hit of the season already as Frantisek Kaberle had minor knee surgery on Saturday. Luke DeCock is reporting in Lord Stanley's Blog that he will be out for at least 4 to 6 weeks while recovering from torn cartilage removal. Kaberle was one of the guys who was being counted on to turn things around this year! While this surgery is pretty minor, after last year's revolving door of various injuires one can't help but wonder just how fragile this defense is. Kaberle has never been known throughout his NHL career as being an "ironman", but I think most fans expected him to make it through training camp. Noah Babin and Casey Borer, are you guys ready to step up? It looks like the Canes will be needing you sooner rather than later.

Peter Gabriel