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Wake Me Up When September Ends

One more month until the regular season starts! I can't wait, but actually September can get pretty exciting all by itself. Training camp will be open in less than 2 weeks and before you know it the boys will be flying up and down the ice just like old times. The closer we get to camp, the more in depth we will be looking at it here at Canes Country.

Not only is it the end of another month, it's the end of another week and time for a new poll. Last week's poll asked which defenseman would lead the team in scoring. The definitive answer was Frantisek Kaberle. Frank was way out in front until his surgery was announced, then some of you voted for the long shots. Kaberle still won with 34% of the vote, with last year's scoring leader Mike Commodore coming in second with 24%. Surprisingly, Tim Gleason got a lot of respect with 21%. A "new addition" was next with 13%. This new comer could be anyone from a rookie like Noah Babin, to a new signee like David Tanabe. Everyone got a little love, even Bret Hedican, Glen Wesley, Dennis Seidenberg, and Nic Wallin each got a vote or two. We'll just have to wait and see who the big scorer will be. As I said earlier, it could be any of these guys. None of them are known to be offensive dynamos except for Kaberle, and depending upon his health he's no lock.

This week's poll will dip into the Hurricanes past a bit. Looking back into Carolina's 10 year history, who was/is your favorite goalie of all time? Could it be Sean "I only hit my wife once" Burke, Arturs "play me or trade me" Irbe, Kevin "the save" Weekes, Martin "I got sick in the playoffs" Gerber, Tom "no autographs today" Barrasso, Cam "Conn Smythe" Ward, Johnny "I love Torts" Grahame, or someone else? A couple of those goalies have had some great moments at times for the franchise, but they each have had some bad spells as well. Regardless, we each have our favorites. Which one is yours?

Earlier last week in response to the newly added Canes Country "Tube of the Week", Tyler asked if I could look for Ray Whitney's natural hat trick which was scored in about 100 seconds last year against the Bruins. I got lucky this time Tyler, and found it! Check out that video under the right side bar labeled, "Tube of the Week". It was the fastest hat trick scored in franchise history!

Finally, while this isn't a typical Carolina Hurricanes blog related item, I can't help but offer congratulations to the Appalachian State Mountaineers who pulled off what could be considered the biggest upset in college football history yesterday. Not only were they the first and only sub division team to beat a ranked division 1 opponent, they accomplished this on the road in Michigan, in front of over 100,000 hostile fans. Unbelievable! This is truly an event that any underdog team in any sport can use for inspiration. Anything can happen in sports!

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