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Have a Drink on Me

The official Carolina Hurricanes Winery, Duplin Winery, released their special brew recently, a wine appropriately named "TEN". Reminds me of an old Bo Derek movie! Will this wine be a perfect 10 as well? You'll have to try it for yourself. The wine will be available almost everywhere, or any place locally where you would normally find Duplin wine. For you out of town fans, you can order the wine online. Check out the information here. It's a sweet red wine. If nothing else, it's a good keepsake even if unopened.

Another week has come and gone and it's time for another poll. Last week's poll asked readers who their favorite Canes goalie was. Cam Ward won easily with 48% of the vote. Arturs Irbe came in 2nd with 31%. Martin Gerber came in 3rd and the rest of the goalies just got a couple of votes each. I thought that maybe Irbe had more fans than that, but a Conn Smythe award winner is hard to beat. This week's poll asks which Hurricane this year should wear the "A" and be named alternate captain. In the past, Glen Wesley, Cory Stillman, Ray Whitney, and Kevyn Adams all wore it at times. Who deserves to wear it this year, one of the same or someone new? My poll software is set up to only allow one vote per computer, so choose wisely! We received a record number of votes last week, 103. I think that the closer we get to the season, the more people we will see here and the more votes we will have. Some polls you see out there allow unlimited voting, (like the Canes homepage), but I think this way is more accurate and doesn't allow for one person to alter the results.

The Pete Friesen 5K is this morning, and I will be there. I'll have a report later tonight or tomorrow.