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Run With the Pack - Friesen's Run a Huge Success

What a beautiful day yesterday! I made it to Pete Friesen's 5K "Fun Run" and I'm glad I did. I couldn't attend last year due to a scheduling conflict, but I will certainly try to make it in the future. It was definitely a lot of fun. I believe that more than 1200 people signed up, so this year's bottom line should have beaten last year's noteworthy results!

John Forslund was the "MC" and as usual, did an excellent job. Several of the players made it and were very open and friendly about posing for pictures and signing things after the run was over. (Even though asking for autographs was against the written guidelines.) My wife took a few pictures for me and I'll post a couple of them here.

How did I do? Well, I succeeded in my goal of beating my 17 year old, for whatever that's worth. At least it gives me bragging rights around the house! Although toward the end of the race, I could have sworn I was getting lapped by Pete Friesen, but it turned out that I was just being passed by a look-a-like. Thank goodness!

The team gets introduced on stage

Late arriving Mike Commodore tries to find his buddies

Casey Borer, Chad Larose, Andrew Ladd, and Scott Walker. Check out Walker's knee socks!

Just a few more days until training camp! I'll try to be there on Friday, at least for a portion of it. The Caniac Carnival and first pre-season game are less than a week away. The Canes Country blog will continue to be a busy place!

Happy Monday....

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