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Riding the Storm Out

Yesterday, the topic of discussion here at Canes Country was about how sports coverage was expanding in the area. We posed a couple of questions as to how the current media would handle the sudden growth and competition. For instance, it's been reported that Mark Roberts will be hosting a new Canes pre-game and post-game radio show on 99.9 FM, the new flagship station of the Carolina Hurricanes. We wondered if "850 The Buzz" would continue broadcasting their respective shows, like they have always done in the past. Well, the answer to that question is a resounding yes! I received an email this morning informing me that "The Buzz" will indeed continue the tradition of broadcasting the pre-game "The Storm Front" show as well as the post-game, "The Aftermath" for each home game. Chris Clark will be hosting the shows and Chuck Kaiton has agreed to give a pre-game analysis at 6:10 PM during each broadcast. Kaiton will also be doing a "wrap up" at 8:45 AM, the morning after each game. This is great news for hockey fans! I've been assured that "The Buzz" has no intention of shying away from the new competition. It also appears that they have no intention of reducing their hockey coverage. The station seems to have every confidence that they will be able to "Ride this Storm Out". By the way, Canes Country will soon be working on a project with "The Buzz", but that's a different topic for another day.

(Hat tip to Joe Ovies for providing this information)

In other news this morning, the Hurricanes are currently undergoing physicals, probably as I type this. Hopefully, everyone will pass! While camp officially opens today, the boys don't hit the ice until tomorrow. There are several news stories out there today informing us that the team is hungrier and healthier this year and how that should translate to more victories. (check the news feeds on the right for updated links to new stories). Luke's blog has a good story about camp this morning, as does the News and Observer. One story you won't find on my feeds though is an interview with Jim Rutherford printed in the Burlington Times this morning. One quote I especially liked was

“We intend to be ready for the first day of camp,” Rutherford said as the Hurricanes hit the ice for the first formal practice Friday. “We did not have the energy coming into camp or the start of the season (in 2006). We might as well not even have had camp.”

We might as well not even had camp? Brutal, but true! Rutherford said that he’s satisfied with offseason roster moves despite some questions about whether the defense is too thin on depth.

“I think, for the most part, we got the things done we needed,” he said.

We will see Mr. Rutherford, hopefully you're right! He closes by saying that Ron Francis will have an increased role during camp. That can't hurt. For one thing, maybe he can spend some time with Eric Staal in the face-off circle?

Happy Thursday!

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