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You Wear it Well

The Canes Country poll this week has been a real donnybrook, one of the closest ever! The question was, "Which Cane should wear the "A"?" While Glen Wesley has been leading the way since day one, Ray Whitney fans have been trying hard to catch him up. With one day left, Glen has 31% of the vote and Ray has 28%. Be that as it may, coach Laviolette took all the suspense away this morning when he announced who the alternate captains will be. There will be 4 this year! (no, I'm not joking). Eric Staal and Ray Whitney will wear the A's while on the road, and Glen Wesley and Cory Stillman will wear them at home. Wesley and Stillman have served as alternates before. Whitney took over while Stillman was injured last year and has served as alternate as well as captain on other teams. But this will be a new experience for Eric Staal, and probably one that can help him mature as a player and as a team mate. Stillman received very few votes on the poll while Erik Cole seems to be the sentimental favorite to wear an A. Cole received 20% of the vote and Scott Walker had 13%. Maybe Coach Lavi can create some new criteria and Cole and Walker can wear the A's during the pre-season, or in the playoffs, or maybe just while playing in Montreal? Cole owns the Habs, that would be appropriate for him. Let's give everyone a chance..! *L* Seriously, there are so many classy guys on this team who are leaders, you really can't go wrong picking from any of them. They would all wear the letter well, and serve the position with pride.

I did make it to the last practice session and it was nice to be there. Staal and Cole stood out from the rest and both made a few sweet shots. Did anyone notice that the possible future forward lines were divided in the practice groups? Brind'Amour, Williams, and Whitney were in one group. Staal, Stillman, and Cole were in another. Cullen, Walker, and Pat Dwyer were also together. Andrew Ladd stayed off the ice and is still nursing his sore back. There isn't much more for me to report about practice, I couldn't stay long. One more thing I will say, David Tanabe wasn't at the RBC and he won't be. Reports are that he was invited to the Blue's camp and was in St. Louis today. Good luck David, we hope you find a spot there.

Rod Stewart