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Video Killed the Radio Star

A week or so ago, Joe Ovies from "850 The Buzz" posted a message on The Blog asking if any Canes bloggers would like to come into the studio to talk about the Hurricanes, the online community, and to discuss blogging in general. Of course having more curiosity than brains, I threw my hat into the arena. Luckily enough, Canes Country was selected to participate, along with The Penalty Killer and Carolina on Ice. (Unfortunately, Dave couldn't make it from COI.) So on Monday, your friendly neighborhood blogger stepped out from behind the safe confines of his computer screen and tried something different. I'll do my best to describe what happened, because it was a very interesting experience. After I arrived, Joe and I exchanged some friendly introductions and small talk, then he was nice enough to give me a brief tour of the station's offices and studios. Needless to say, I noticed quite a bit of autographed Canes memorabilia on the walls. Next, we went into one of the studios where I made myself comfortable and started playing around with one of the cool, huge microphones. (no worries, the ON THE AIR light was not on!) Right after that, Chris, from The Penalty Killer came in, and yes, he actually looks like a penalty killer! Believe me, you don't want to go with this guy. I had to rub my eyes for a second, it looked like Scott Walker had just walked into the studio!

Next, Joe reviewed with us some of the topics that we were going to cover, then he went into the control room to start our session. After a snappy introduction, (which you can hear on the recording), Joe asked me the very first question of the interview, and my blossoming radio career was over before it began. First of all, let me assure everyone that I was not attempting to set a new world's record for using the word "information" as many times as I possibly could, in a single paragraph! At that very moment when I was struggling to think of something coherent to say, I immediately recognized the beauty of blogging. First of all, you have a chance to think as long as you want to about your idea, before you have to type anything. Then after you do make a posting, you can always proofread your work and edit anything that needs editing. Once you make a statement in radio, you usually can't take back the words that already came out of your mouth! These guys in radio have it tough, and I suddenly have a new found respect for Adam Gold, Joe Ovies, Chris Clark, David Glenn, and the rest of the homeboys at The Buzz.

I'm not going to rehash the whole session. The bottom line is that it was a new experience, and it was fun. I'd love to try it again sometime. But before I close this topic and move on to the next, I would like to try to give a half way decent answer to that very first question, why do I do this? I do it because I really enjoy it, I love it! I'm not sure why I enjoy it so much, but I do. My original intention was to create a "super site" that could provide and/or direct Caniacs to any and all information that's available about the team. But this has evolved into a place where I also provide my analysis of what's going on out there, for whatever it's worth. I try to keep things light and humorous if possible. Even when I criticize Bret Hedican, it's a bit tongue in cheek. Hopefully, Bret will have his best season ever this year and prove all the pundits wrong! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Ovies and The Buzz one more time for recognizing the Hurricanes blogging community and for inviting some of us in the studio. Also, another thank you to Chris, The Penalty Killer. It was fun Chris, hopefully we can do it again! Finally, I'd like to apologize if we offended any of the message board people out there. We love you guys! (you too, message board guy). If you have 20 minutes to kill and you'd like to hear the session, click on the following link.

Canes Blogger Roundtable

I attended the first red/white scrimmage last night, and it was entertaining, as usual. Young Drayson Bowman scored the first goal of the game on a beautiful move and perfect shot which ended up behind Justin Peters, in the upper corner of the net. I told you this kid has some moves! Trevor Letowski also scored for the white team, but it was a soft goal, (in my opinion). Cam Ward looked good in net while he was in there, and didn't allow a single goal. While Matt Cullen didn't score, he looked amazing out there, faking this way and that. I quickly remembered why I enjoyed watching him play so much when he was here a year ago. Justin Williams left early with a sore foot. (got hit with a puck) Hopefully, he'll be okay.

The Buggles