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Down the Road Tonight

Just a brief update with information about the game tonight. John Forslund reports that Bret Hedican will finally grace the team with his presence in a pre-season game. Seriously, best of luck Bret! We'll see how that hip holds up when people aren't holding back from hitting him. Contrary to what Lord Stanley's Blog says, the Caps website says that "Ollie the Goalie" will play. I guess we will see. Several other Caps regulars should be in the lineup. Luke says that Mike Leighton will be between the posts for the Canes. This will be Brandon Sutter's last game with the team for awhile. Jim Rutherford was quoted as saying that they will return the prospect to his juniors team in Red Deer tomorrow.

There are actually a couple of options for watching this game on the internet. The game is scheduled to be on NHL TV. Also, according to the Caps website, they will be showing video of the game as well. I guess we have a good chance of watching this game Caniacs! Between both of these possibilities, one of them has got to work!

Bruce Hornsby