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Round and Round

As you wander around searching for hockey news on the information superhighway, you will be more and more likely to run across that familiar and friendly name, Canes Country! From time to time, yours truly will get emailed requests to do some extra writing or make some contributions for other sites. In most cases if I have the time, I will accept. Not too long ago, I submitted a report for Hockey Blog in Canada and will probably do some more for them in the future. I have also been asked to do a couple of Hurricanes season previews for other sites. (I'll name them later. I don't want to ruin the surprise). Most recently, I have agreed to be a season long correspondent for NHL! Don't worry readers. I know that there are limits, and I won't accept any extra work if it will take away from my daily updates here at Canes Country.

About a month ago, a writer from Sports Fan contacted me to ask a few questions concerning the Canes for a subsequent article he was preparing. He was planning to ask the same questions to selected writers of every team in the NHL. Some of the other writers include: Paul Kukla, Mike Chen, JP, Mark Stepneski, and Greg Wyshynski. I cant wait to see how they answered! This morning, the answers for the first 5 teams, including the Canes, were posted. And no, I didn't hold anything back! (IE: the Brian Burke question). You can click on the link above to check out the questions and answers for yourself. Would you answer the questions any differently? Leave a comment here and tell me.

The Hurricanes are playing another practice game in the nation's capital tonight. During lunch, I'll take a look at what the lineups should be and post again later. Ciao!