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Sweet Wine

Here at Canes Country, we have already talked about the new partnership between the Carolina Hurricanes and Duplin Winery, along with the announcement and release of their special commemorative wine, "T E N", back in the "Have a Drink on Me" post a couple of weeks ago. But recently, we received an email from a representative of the winery informing us about the completion of a brand new website especially for "T E N" which also gives Caniacs the opportunity to sign up for prize packages! Some of the prizes include: award winning Duplin wines, tickets to Duplin events, Duplin Winery tailgate packages, official Carolina Hurricanes gear, Hurricanes game tickets, and more! There are also links to where you can order the wine online or read more about Duplin Wines. Keep in mind that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of "T E N" will be given to the Kids 'N Community Foundation. This is what you call your classic, win/win situation! We have also been informed that the very first prize package will be a 3 pack of Duplin wines which includes an autographed bottle of "T E N". I wonder who autographed it? You're probably asking, where do I sign up? Go to this website,, and follow the bouncing puck! I have also put a link to this site under the "Canes Related Sites" category on the left sidebar. Good luck Caniacs! I hope one of our readers wins something!

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