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I've Seen All Good People

The Hurricanes took the day off from hockey today and participated in a charity golf tournament. Sound familiar? These guys always seem to be doing something for charity. While we bloggers attempt to analyze and often, over-analyze what happens during the games and practices, sometimes we overlook or are simply not aware of what the Canes do off the rink on their own time. The simple truth is that all of the players do a tremendous amount of good for the community. The number one recipient seems to be the Kids 'N Community Foundation, but the players have also helped out at Duke Medical, REX Healthcare, the Special Olympics, and many other entities in need. I'm sure that a lot happens that fans never even hear about. One fan sent me an email a week or so ago, telling me about one such incident. During the well publicized Parade of Homes kickoff gala on September 19th, (which raised over $40,000 for the Kids 'N Community Foundation), there was a successful silent auction which included autographed jerseys of some of the Canes. Apparently the "main man" behind that success was Matt Cullen, who hustled and went out of his way to round up the jerseys and see that they were autographed. Rod Brind'Amour's autographed jersey alone sold for $1,000! Nice job Matt, and thank you to all the players and other members of the Hurricanes organization who go out of their way to help the community. If anyone else has some "behind the scenes" story about how a player or the organization has done something that you think deserves some recognition, please send me an email and I will mention it!

Tip of the cap to Dave, for emailing me about this.

In other news, it's been reported that John Grahame has missed the past two practices due to a sore leg, or as they say in show business, a "lower body injury". Could a sore leg have anything to do with the knee? Yesterday he had to have some fluid drained. The team has not recalled Mike Leighton yet, but as Luke puts it in Lord Stanley's Blog, Leighton is on "speed dial" just in case. Jim Rutherford said that they will make a decision regarding Grahame tomorrow. There has been some conjecture around the Caniac Nation regarding whether or not Leighton would have to clear waivers again. I know that there are some waiver wire exemption rules, including an "emergency" call up. The way that I understand it, an injury would qualify as an "emergency" so there are no waiver wire worries at the moment. If anyone has all the waiver rules and regulations in an understandable format, could you email them to me? I'm just wondering if the league could possibly make the the system any more complicated or convoluted?

David Tanabe fans commiserate. The defenseman did not stick with the Blues and is back on the unemployment line. Wow, it's tough to believe that he can't find a job somewhere in the NHL. Bryan Berard is in the same boat. He has yet to be signed by the Islanders, the team that he was trying out with. Danny Markov still hasn't been signed. It sounds like we almost have enough players for an expansion team! Jim Balsillie, where are you? Give me Balsillie's money and a venue in Las Vegas, and I'll show you a profitable franchise!

Two more nights until opening night! Are you ready?