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Look Around

Now is as good a time as any to take a brief look around at what's new on the site. For one thing, we've been adding quite a few links on the blog roll lately. If you can't tell what the link is about by just reading the title, skim your cursor over the title and the description should show up. We also just created a new link category, "Other Sports Blogs" which has a couple of new football related blogs included. I'm sure that there will be more blogs added there in the near future. If you are a Carolina Panthers fan, "Cat Scratch Reader" is a fine site put out by Jaxon. The poor dude must be frustrated right now with his team.

Under Local interest, we recently added a link to Duplin Winery, the official winery of the Carolina Hurricanes. We also added a site named Triangle Soccer Fanatics, which includes information about the Carolina Railhawks as well as local amateur soccer.

On the Canes related front, there is a new site called "Hurricanes Insider" which looks promising. I have exchanged emails with management, and they say that they have more things planned for the future. Currently, it's a news feed and news stream intensive project which includes recent feeds and streams for Canes related news stories, headlines, and blog entries. They also have a media page, links page, and they post recent quotes. Good luck guys, live long and prosper! The Carolina Hurricanes continue to have a very strong, loyal, and growing amateur media contingency.

Finally in case you were not aware, I would like to mention that Canes Country also has an active forum, or message board community. Right now we are running game day contests in which the winners receive free rookie cards! The first contest for opening night offers a 1982/83 Ron Francis rookie card. We will be running these types of contests throughout much of the year. Everyone is welcome to join the forum and enter, so come on in and make yourself at home! Feel free to join in on the Hurricanes or NHL related discussions as well, if you would like. We have members who are new fans, old fans, and in between fans so there's no need to feel shy or intimidated if you're new.

The next posting here will have my season preview for the Canes and what I think fans can expect for the year. We'll also take a look at my prediction of where the Canes will end up compared to the rest of the Eastern Conference. Here's a hint. Start saving your money for playoff tickets, Caniacs!

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