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Whizz Kid Update

The newsfeeds have been active this morning! First LSB reports that Stillman will not play and Bayda will be on Staal's line with Erik Cole. Then, they report that Bayda was put on waivers! Which is it guys? Are the Canes playing a few games with the media, knowing that Stillman will play afterall, or will Hamilton play on that line?

Commodore supposedly will be a last minute decision. In the most shocking news of the day, Bret Hedican will miss tonight due to an undisclosed "illness"! After all the hype about how wonderful everything is, the dude can't make it 2 games into the season? I wonder if it is a "hip illness" or something else. This doesn't leave much room for Commie, who will have to play, bruised leg or not, if the Canes are going to put 6 defensemen on the ice. If Commie can't go and they only play with 5, that will make things tough for tomorrow night's back to back situation against the Capitals. Consecutive games are hard enough, but when there only 5 defensemen splitting the time, it makes it even tougher. It better be something serious with Hedican because in my opinion, it's not good team work to practically force Mike Commodore to play on a bum leg just because Hedican doesn't want to play because he has an upset stomach? Ill? What does that mean?

Nice.... Let's just call up Casey Borer and Noah Babin right now and get it over with.

Rant over... game on!

Mott the Hoople