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Bits and Pieces

There isn't much new to report this morning. Yesterday, the Hurricanes hung out together at the Redskins game attempting to do some team bonding. Every year Coach Laviolette has them do something in this regard. Usually it's a bit more physical and helps the players to build trust with each other. One year they went to Fort Bragg and another they spent time at a government training facility near Washington, DC. This year's event is certainly less physically demanding. Justin Williams made a good point about it in yesterday's paper. He said that most of the team has been together a few years now and already know each other very well. There aren't many new faces, so the typical team bonding isn't required. Hopefully, they enjoyed themselves watching the Redskins win.

There are a few more details concerning David Tanabe's new contract that I didn't mention Saturday. It's actually a 2 year deal which pays David 600K the first year and 900K the next. The deal gives the Hurricanes ultimate flexibility in that it's a 2 way deal which will pay him 100K each year if he's sent to the AHL. I know that Tanabe isn't necessarily a fan favorite, but I don't think that there's anything to complain about with this deal. This will allow the promising defensive prospects in the system a chance to get consistent development in Albany, instead of being sent back and forth each time a Hurricanes defenseman gets hurt or ill. Tanabe certainly looked rusty Saturday night and had several turnovers, but I doubt his performance contributed heavily to the final outcome. Hopefully he will do better, soon.

The team flew to Toronto last night and will begin preparation for the game against the Leafs tomorrow night. I'll keep an eye out for reports as to who is healthy and who is not, and I'll post the news here as soon as I can. Bret Hedican was too ill to make the trip to Washington, but he is supposed to join the rest of the team in Toronto today. Hopefully the team can catch him up on a little team bonding. Happy Monday!

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