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What's Going on Here?

Things are pretty quiet for the moment in Carolinaville. The Canes have one more day to kill before they hit the ice again in Pittsburgh tomorrow night. Then the games come fast and furious as they play the Flyers, Saturday, Canucks Monday, Sabres Wednesday, Habs Friday, and Islanders Saturday. Ouch, that's 6 games in 9 days! Everyone will be ready for another break after that spell. Since things are quiet, I thought I'd take a quick look around the league and give some thoughts as to what's going on.

Paul Kelly has been approved as the new head of the NHLPA. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I don't know much about the man, but from what I've read this looks like a good move for the players. Hopefully he deals fairly and reasonably, (unlike Robert Goodenow, whom I thought was an arrogant, irresponsible, self-serving loudmouth).

Who will be the next coach in Atlanta? Some people are saying Pat Quinn. I don't know about that, I think I would go with someone younger, an AHL up-and-comer like the Chicago Wolves coach, John Anderson. Kevin Dineen would be a great choice, but I would hate to see him coaching the enemy!

Anyone surprised to see Martin Havlat injured after his first game of the year? I will never pick him for my fantasy hockey team because he always seems injured, and I sure wouldn't want to be paying him his 6 million dollar a year contract! Some people wanted the Canes to trade Erik Cole for him when he was with way!

Donald Brashear is starting his own blog! It seems that Brashear gave out his email address in a recent interview and 5 minutes later, he was getting tons of emails.

"I'm thinking, a lot of fans want to talk with players, so why not start a blog and see where it goes from there?"

Wow!! There's a novel concept. Fans want more information about players? I would have never guessed! By the way, ex Hurricane Danny Richmond has started his own blog as well. I always liked Danny, and he's doing a good job so far. Surprisingly enough, unlike what the Canes have done in the past, these players are using non-team owned sites to get their message out via blogging. I wonder if we will see more of this in the future?

Enough for now...ciao!

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