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Listen to the Music

A few days ago, I received an interesting email from the Phoenix Coyotes Director of New Media, Heath Price-Khan. Heath was nice enough to notify me of something new that the Coyotes are doing and I thought that I would share the news. The 'Yotes are preparing i'Tunes playlists of some players and other members of the Phoenix organization, including Wayne Gretzky! If you would like to "Be Like Wayne" and groove to the same sounds that he does, you can use this link to do so. Right now they also have the playlists available for goalie coach Grant Fuhr, team captain Shane Doan, TV and radio host Todd Walsh, and selected dance tunes of the Coyotes "Pack Dance Team." Attention Hurricanes! I can't help but think that some Caniacs would enjoy something being done like this with the Canes. This is the type of creative marketing that can help NHL fans identify with the players, and it's relatively harmless and easy to do. Heath also provided a link for a new hockey game they developed. I haven't had a chance to experiment with that yet, but if you like games check it out. Thanks for sharing the information Heath, and thanks again for your kind words about Canes Country.

I can't remember the first place where I saw this next link, but it's another good one that Nike put out which includes information about the Staal brothers. It has segments titled the "Staals at Home", "Staals at Play", and "Staals on Ice", (which is coming in the future). It's interesting stuff! Without giving too much away, let me just say that I wouldn't want to be in a foursome that is in front of or behind the Staals while they are on the golf course.

The Doobie Brothers