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New Sensation -- "Take Ten"

Since the 10 year anniversary is over, I am re-naming this section the the Canes Country Interview Links. 6/18/08

In our quest to keep things fresh and interesting here at Canes Country, we decided to add another new component to the site. Since the current theme of the Carolina Hurricanes is their 10th Anniversary celebration this season, the new segment will be called "Take Ten". Basically, "Take Ten" is a listing of 10 questions that we email to a variety of people associated in some way with the Hurricanes. We thought that it would be intriguing to start off by sending the questions to local sportswriters, sportscasters, and radio personalities, people who cover the Hurricanes in some way or the other. The intent of the project is to eventually move on to some members of the team's organization as well as some players. The questions will ask for the respondent's opinions on a variety of hockey related issues as well as a few personal items, in an attempt to help the readers of Canes Country get to know the personalities a little bit better.

Hopefully this experience will also be a learning one, because as we read the responses to the questions we will learn new facts from these experienced and knowledgeable people! I know that personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the responses that have been received so far. We will try to post new interviews every few days, (as we have them available and have time), and we will create a new Canes Country "Take Ten" archive section on the left sidebar where links to all the interviews will be stored and easily accessible for subsequent viewing. If you have questions, comments, a sample question you would like asked, or ideas for additional people you would like to see interviewed, as always you can contact us by leaving a comment or sending an email to The very first interview will be coming soon! Thanks and enjoy!


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