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Your offense might be deep if...

What a month of October, and November is already setting up to hopefully be a good one to try to run away and hide from the division. As Bubba pointed out, the Canes lead the league in goals right now.

Here are a few illustrations of the depth of the Canes' offense right now. I would suspect that no other team in the league could answer yes to many/any of these right now:

Your offense might be deep if:

-Â 3 of 5 players on your 1st powerplay unit come from your 3rd and 4th lines.

- Despite being 2nd in the league (only 1 back) in goal scoring, Eric Staal cannot break the 1st powerplay unit right now.

- 2 players on your 3rd line are averaging a point a game.

- The team notched 5 last night, but this was by no means 1 of the team's top 2-3 most impressive offensive nights this young season.

- You are minus 2 top 9 forwards who were expected to contribute scoring, and it does not seem to matter right now.

- Someone like Sergei Gonchar might outscore your entire defense (right now he is tied with 2 goals and only down 4 assists), but it just does not matter. With forwards filling the point on the powerplay and the scoring up front, not a single word has been said about the need for offensive contributions from the blueline (it was said last season).

Who can come up with a couple more? The list seems like it could be endless right now.

Go Canes!