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Radio Ga Ga

Prepare yourselves hockey fans! The NHL's fearless leader is about to hit the airwaves. It was recently announced that XM Radio would broadcast a new show titled "NHL Hour" in which league executives, including Mr. Gary Bettman himself, would host a candid, interactive talk radio show! "NHL Hour will provide fans with the latest league news and events from the highest level of the NHL". This ought to be rich! Anyone want to make a bet that Mr. Bettman will actually be taking truly live, unscreened calls? No way Jose'! But if they did, I have a couple of questions that I would like to start the commissioner off with.

  1. How many cities have you promised All Star games to that have yet to host one and where is Raleigh on the list?

  2. How can the league sit back and do nothing when an individual is selling season tickets for a non-existent NHL franchise?

  3. How can you expect to grow or expand the game when you bind the league to a television contract with a network that doesn't broadcast to over 30% of American households?

  4. What are you going to do about rising ticket prices and the fact that attendance is declining across the league in the USA?

I'm sure a few people wouldn't mind asking Colin Campbell, (head of officials) a few questions as well.

  1. Since your current "tough love" approach of a 2 game suspension doesn't seem to have an affect on reducing dirty play, especially when one player breaks another player's neck or gives them a head shot and a concussion, does the league have any other ideas for reducing the growing number of head shots and serious head injuries in the game?

  2. Does this league review official's performances? Better yet, do they ever reprimand an official after an obvious mistake? Even better yet, do they ever suspend or punish an official after a gross error in judgment?

  3. Does the league ever check officials' eye sight?

  4. Does the league ever test officials on the rules of the game?

Actually, this radio show idea might not be a bad one, depending upon how many, (if any) legitimate questions get through. As a matter of fact, I think they should take this to the next level and make it a live TV show! Have Gary Bettman and other league officials hooked up to a polygraph machine, a special one that gives the respondent mini-shocks if they tell a lie. Now that's television! The ratings would go through the roof, that is unless they broadcast it on Versus.