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I'm So Excited - Not

The NHL All Star ballots were released last week, and I'm sorry to say that I'm really not all that excited about it. First of all, the fans just vote to see who starts the game, not who actually makes the team. While I'm sure that it is an honor to start, it doesn't really mean that the players receiving the most votes are truly the best players, (or sometimes even close to being the best players). These things usually turn out to be meaningless popularity contests where fans from the most populated cities control the bulk of the balloting and the outcome. Last year, when hack Rory Fitzpatrick received 550,177 votes, 3rd highest among all NHL defensemen, it seemed to me that the entire voting process was nothing but a joke. There are other related factors that continue today which keep me from getting very excited about the process.

For instance:

  • Rod Brind'Amour, the best overall player for the Hurricanes this year is not on the ballot and might deny an invitation to attend anyway, even if selected.

  • Players who have not even played most of the year like Dan Boyle, Martin Havlat, and Ray Emery are still on the ballot and are receiving votes.

  • The remaining players not making the starting lineup are selected by the coaching staff and NHL, not by the number of votes they receive.

While I most likely will watch the All Star game and the skills competition, I'm not thrilled with the way the players get there. Hopefully, Rod Brind'Amour will be selected and will accept his invitation to this year's classic. Sadly enough though, it won't matter how many write in votes that Caniacs submit for him, unless he gets an astronomical amount and lands in the top 3 forwards. Is that even possible? Maybe the outcome will prove me wrong. For those of you who want to vote, I'm placing a link under the "Other Hockey Links" section on the left sidebar. Good luck!

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