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Wrecking Ball

Could Mark Recchi be on his way back to Carolina? He's been healthy scratched by the Pens for several games lately, and the word in Pittsburgh is that they want to move him. Do the Canes have room for him? He's well-liked by the room and by fans and could be had for next to nothing, but where does he play? Eklund seems to think the Hurricanes are a possible location for him, but someone else would have to be moved. How about Trevor Letowski for Recchi? Would you make that trade? We will see what happens.

Tonight the Caps will be playing the Canes in a matchup of two teams both looking to play better hockey. The Caps are 2-1-1 since being taken over by new coach Bruce Boudreau. One of those two wins came at the expense of the Hurricanes last weekend at the Verizon Center. The Canes have lost 2 in a row and 5 of their last 7. Chris Clark and Boyd Gordon both should be out for Washington while Mike Commodore will miss another game because of his broken finger for Carolina. I expect to see Cam Ward in the nets. It's being reported that Andrew Ladd will be moved to the Brind'Amour/Williams line. Everyone is looking to see more out of Andrew and hopefully this will help to jump start him. The rest of the Carolina lineup should be pretty much the same as Wednesday, except David Tanabe might replace someone, (I hope not Seidenberg), on defense. With another game scheduled tomorrow night and Monday, I have a feeling everyone will get a chance to play sooner or later. It's up to them to make the most of it.

I received an email this morning concerning my All Star voting post. It was pointed out to me that the top 8 teams with players receiving votes also lead the East in attendance. Maybe James Mirtle wasn't so far off base after all? I admit, I am probably one of the few oddballs out there that will vote for other players than the ones on the team he follows. While James is most likely correct in saying that the teams with the heaviest attendance will dominate the league voting, I still don't like the system. Do I have a better way? Not yet, but I'll think about it!  I admit, the league has to get the fans involved somehow and the more that fans get involved, the better it is for the league.

Will the Capitals win their 3rd game of 4 played against the Canes so far this year? I'm betting no. As a matter of fact, I'll eat my Brind'Amour figurine if the Canes lose again tonight!

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