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Briefly about Bloggers

"Hockey Night in Canada" recently ran a nice feature story about bloggers in the pressbox. Of course they concentrated on the Capitals crew and even had a nice interview with Ted Leonsis. Since I have already bored readers to tears about this subject, I'm not going to get deeply into it again this morning. Casonblog and Carolina on Ice already have viewpoints up on their sites about it. My opinion of it of course is "to each their own". If a blogger wants to get into the pressbox, then they should go for it. If not, then that's great too. One thing is for certain, more and more teams are looking at giving bloggers more access, and bloggers aren't going away anytime soon.

Here is a clip of the fine report.

[coolplayer width="380" height="380" autoplay="0" loop="0" charset="utf-8" download="1" mediatype=""]

I'll have a pre-game posting about the game tonight put up after lunch.