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Enter Sandman

I was listening to this song on the radio this morning, and it reminded me of that "sharp as a tack" NHL league office. It's hard to get anything past those guys because they are never asleep at the wheel! Finally, after the 5th suspension of one of their players during just the first 2 months of the season, (and pre-season), the Philadelphia Flyers have been put on notice by the league. The NHL is finally recognizing what many in the league have been complaining about all season, that the Flyers' organization seems to have some sort of agenda and/or their players are out of control. I guess up to this point, a few people thought that it was some sort of weird coincidence that one team could have so many suspensions in a such short period of time? Especially 2 major ones? Well, if it happens again, it's going to cost someone in the organization some money, and I bet it won't be cheap. It's about time!

I also wanted to post a reminder that Scott Walker will be Mike Maniscalco's guest on Canes Corner tonight, from 6 to 7 at the MacGregor Ale House. If you can't be there, tune into 99.9 The Fan to catch the interview. Maniscalco always does a great job, keep it up Mike!

Finally, congratulations to Cory Stillman who was recognized as the NHL's number one star last night. Stillman, also known as the "silent assassin", is quietly racking up a ton of points and leads the team in that department. Cory is in the final year of his contract, and is playing like he wants a raise from his current, modest 1.75 million dollars per year. That leads to another big question that we will examine later. Ciao for now!