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Sunday Mail

Just a brief update on a few things on this beautiful December, Sunday afternoon in North Carolina! The game tonight in Detroit will not be televised locally. To make a long story short, FSN preferred to televise an out of market ACC basketball game than one of the biggest rivalry games for the Hurricanes all year long. (Team management should remember this during next year's broadcast negotiations). For those of you without Center Ice, you'll have to get to your favorite sports bar or listen to 99.9's broadcast. You can click the link for a live feed right here on the left sidebar if you need to listen on the computer.

Poor Luke DeCock is having travel problems and will be hard-pressed to make it to the game on time. I aways thought that beat writers traveled with the team? I'll have to ask Luke about that. Chad LaRose is looking forward to "coming home" while Ray Whitney is probably wondering once again why the Red Wings would buy out his contract a few years ago, in essence paying him not to play for them. Detroit's loss was certainly Carolina's gain!

Finally, I saw this article in the News and Observer this morning and felt like I needed to post a link to it here on the blog. Lucille Suiter passed away a month or so ago and this article is about the 91 year old's love for the Hurricanes. It's a heart warming story in many ways, and it's great to hear how the Carolina organization accomodated her over the years. I'm sure that there are other stories like this one out there that people never hear about. The part that touched me the most.."She was buried in her red Canes blazer, with her Brind'Amour jersey tucked beneath her arm". The next time a northern "hockey elitist" tries to tell you that hockey doesn't belong in the south, show them this story. 'nuff said about that.

Speaking of "hockey elitists", don't forget that the game tonight in self-proclaimed "Hockeytown" is at 5PM Eastern. (just kidding Sean!) Let's hope it's a good one!

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