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In and Out of Love - Update

More news today! Early this afternoon the Canes announced that they were sending Andrew Ladd to Albany for a 4 game rehab assignment. This is probably the best thing for Andrew at this time, even though he might not be pleased to be traveling up north by himself. He hasn't been getting much ice time lately, and he really hasn't accomplished much since returning from his ankle injury. The only way to work his way back into the lineup is to get more ice time, so this route makes sense. Hopefully, he looks at this as a positive, temporary move and makes the most of it. The team has been counting on him for top 9 production which has been lacking, so he could very well be just a step or two away from being trade fodder. This is an important time in his career and we wish him the best of luck! For a copy of the press release, click here.

In other brief news, Cam Ward will be the guest on Canes Corner tonight with Mike Maniscalco at the Village Draft House. The time is the same as always, from 6-7.