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Brief News for a Slow Afternoon

The aftershock of last night's fiasco is starting to wear off and reality is setting in. Not only do the Hurricanes have the lowest rated penalty kill in the league, they now have allowed more short-handed goals than any other team in the league. Special teams are more important than ever in today's NHL, and they are killing this team.

What's surprising is that in year's past, the penalty kill always used to be pretty good. What's changed? Perhaps Justin Williams being injured? Perhaps Rod Brind'Amour is a bit older? Perhaps Trevor Letowski has no business being out there? Perhaps the Canes best penalty killer is now in Chicago? (Kevyn Adams, not Craig Adams). I don't have the answers but apparently neither does the Carolina coaching staff because things don't seem to be getting better.

"The Entertainer", Lord Eklund has a hot new rumor out today. Erik Cole to Nashville "E3". Damn, I'm almost tempted to pay the 20 dollar fee and read more about it! NOT! By the way, if anyone wants to pay 20 bucks to read rumors, just let me know and I'll make up some doozies for you! I'll even make a fancy chart.

Although that's not to say that trading with Nashville would be a bad idea. I would love to see either Shea Weber or Ryan Suter playing here in Raleigh. If they are considering a trade like that, then let's get 'er done!

Just a reminder, the Hurricanes and 99.9 The Fan are cranking up the popular "Canes Corner" again with an episode tonight at the Falls Tap House. The guest will be none other than Ron Francis himself! Just like before the holidays, the show starts at 6 and runs until 7. Mike Maniscalco always does an excellent job. I have a question for the Hall of Famer. Dear Ron....What has Tom Barrasso done with Cam Ward and when is the old Cam coming back?

Speaking of Mike, he's recently updated his blog with an opinion about the current State of the Canes. You can check it out here.