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"Hammy" on Waivers

Sir Eklund is reporting that Jeff Hamilton has been put on the waiver wire this lunchtime. While I have ragged on Eklund in the past for having the nerve to post some of his crazy rumors, he's been right more often than not when he reports waiver activity. This looks to be an attempted salary dump for the Canes, as Hamilton was signed for 800K this year as well as next and is an expensive healthy scratch.

What a fall from grace for Jim Rutherford's "big" free agent signing this past summer. Hamilton started out the season like a house on fire, scoring early and often from the point on the powerplay, but his production fell off the map and he's been healthy scratched more often than not lately. The need for physicality also trumped this decision. In essence, Wade Brookbank took his roster spot, but more about that later.

The sad part about this is, there is a human aspect behind all of these moves. Jeff and his wife just had a baby a few weeks ago, so this move this will be difficult. Good luck to "Hammy" in the future if he does indeed move on.

In other news, Mike Commodore will be the guest on tonight's "Canes Corner" with Mike Maniscalco on 99.9 The Fan. Same time as always, 6-7 PM.