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Easton Hockey Updates - New Skate and Stick Lines

One of the site's sponsors, Easton Hockey recently emailed me a couple of press releases which introduced new stick and skate lines in their "Stealth" series. I thought that I would share the information with readers. A direct link to their site can be found under the Canes Country Sponsors section on the left sidebar.


Pros Dany Heatley and Ryan Getzlaf Sport the New Easton Skate Line

VAN NUYS, Calif. â€" The best skates in hockey just got even better. Easton Hockey has introduced two new skates for 2008 â€" the Stealth S15 and the Synergy SE16. The Stealth S15, touted as the lightest performance hockey skate on the market, is the latest addition to the highly regarded Stealth skate line. The Synergy line also receives a new addition with the SE16, a stellar combination of comfort, protection and durability.

“Easton has jumped to the forefront of the skate market in the past few years and the Stealth S15 and Synergy SE16 are reconfirming our position,” said Ned Goldsmith, vice president of Easton Hockey. “Easton’s NHL players are already raving about the new additions. Dany Heatley of the Ottawa Senators and Ryan Getzlaf of the Anaheim Ducks have both been thrilled with the performance and comfort the new skates provide. Now it’s time to get the product into consumers’ hands and let them experience the superiority of Easton skates.”

The Stealth S15, representing the lightest performance hockey skate on the market, weighs in at sub-700 grams. Its patented Coil Technology uses silver texalium composite material to provide a lightweight, responsive and protective bootform, perfect for high-speed hockey action. The S15 also provides a Bio-Driâ"¢ Composite Footbed to absorb moisture and eliminate the difficulties that perspiration presents.

The Synergy SE16 features a brand new Ideal-Fitâ"¢ latex anatomical ankle padding system that allows for tremendous support and comfort. With its unique, one-piece construction, the SE16 is the ideal combination of performance and durability.

Stealth S17, Synergy Elite, and Synergy ST Models Make Up Industry’s No.1 Stick Line

VAN NUYS, Calif. â€" Easton Hockey, the designer and manufacturer of the No. 1 stick in the NHL, is back at it and better than ever with the introduction of its 2008 stick line. The 2008 line features the all-new Stealth S17, the highly successful Synergy Elite, and the new Synergy ST. The 2008 stick line further strengthens Easton’s position at the forefront of hockey stick innovation, according to Ned Goldsmith, vice president of Easton Hockey.

“At Easton we’re constantly upgrading and always looking to put the best possible product in the players’ hands,” said Goldsmith. “We have a powerful stick lineup this year starting with this season’s gem, the Stealth S17; undeniably the most technologically advanced stick on the market and already a hit among NHLers. The Synergy Elite, which we introduced last year to great fanfare, received minor updates for the new season. Rounding out our top three is the Synergy ST, which is new for 2008 with several new features and advancements.”

The Stealth S17 stick features three main qualities: Energy, Velocity and Accuracy. The innovative TORXâ"¢ technology features an Elliptical Profile (patent pending) to help transfer torque from your hands to the blade for unsurpassed velocity. The compression molded process used in constructing the Stealth S17 delivers the most consistent shaft in hockey, maximizing the energy transfer from your hands to the blade and thereby providing a more powerful shot. Easton’s patented Micro-Bladder process and Multi-Rib structure controls blade flex through puck contact to ensure maximum accuracy.

A favorite of many of the NHL’s top players, the Synergy Elite is back for the 2008 season. The tapered blade design featured on the Synergy Elite adds reinforcement to the impact area while leaving the blade tip light weight and balanced. The dual I-Beam internal blade structure helps to increase strength and durability.

With Super Tough (ST) technology, the new Synergy ST is built for power and durability. It features a liquid silicone molded shaft providing consistent walls with flexible geometry. Shox technology offers excellent puck feel for “soft hands” providing a more forgiving blade.

The Stealth S17 and Synergy Elite sticks are currently available at major sporting goods retailers. The Synergy ST will be released in June of 2008.