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Canes at Caps, Period One

The first period of the game just ended and you would think that these guys were playing for first place or something. There have been 2 fights, (Walker/Bradley - Brookbank/Erskine), and both teams are hitting like it's a playoff game. Good thing bloggers aren't required to do the same.

Carolina currently has a 2-0 lead because of a great move by Erik Cole and nice rush by Brind'Amour, Samsonov, and Ladd. Where has this team been the past few games?

Things are going well from the press box so far. No one has thrown popcorn at me yet. I've got a great seat between super blogger Eric McErlain and Craig Stone from the DC Sportsbox. Next down from Craig is Luke DeCock from the News and Observer. Sitting down from Eric is John Keeley from On Frozen Blog and Julie Robenhymer from All are great folk and have been friendly and helpful.

I'll be back....

Check that, I'll be back tomorrowÂ