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Soon Forget - Devils 5 Hurricanes 1

Just when you figured that things couldn't get any worse concerning the health of this team, they did. The Carolina Hurricanes were in New Jersey for a special afternoon game with less than half of their regular roster available and some of their players on the ice feeling less than 100%. The Devils didn't do them any favors though as they scored early and late to take the game 5-1. The contest wasn't as close as the score indicates. This was a game to soon forget.

Erik Cole was out with the flu and Ray Whitney was out with a sore groin on top of the rest of the walking wounded. In a story that approaches bizarre, the recently recalled Joe Jensen was so ill that he couldn't finish the game and had to be taken to the nearest hospital. He was later released. Jensen was supposed to be interviewed between periods, but was throwing up in the locker room. That would have been an appropriate interview! The health of this team is almost to the point of being a joke.

There will be no resting though as the Canes flew back home right after the game so that they can be ready for the waiting Boston Bruins. One can only hope that this illness which has gripped the team, won't claim anymore victims. Can Eric Staal somehow elude the bug that overcame his traveling room-mate Erik Cole? Good luck with that.

It will be interesting to see how many players will be able to suit up for this Tuesday night contest with the Bruins. I'll be checking and posting at lunchtime.

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