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Crazy- Devils at Hurricanes Pre-Game

It's a bit of a crazy day here with all of the trading going on, but on top of that fun we also get to see a hockey game tonight! The red-hot New Jersey Devils are in Raleigh to tangle with the Carolina Hurricanes who are also a bit hot themselves. The first place Devils are 7-1-2 in their past 10 games while the Hurricanes are 6-0-1 in their last 7 at home.

This game was originally supposed to be broadcast by the Versus network, but they changed their minds and dropped coverage for a different game. While Carolina's flagship network, Fox Sports South made arrangements to change their schedule so that they could cover the game, they refused to pick up the extra production cost. Unfortunately, the Hurricanes also refused to spend the extra money, so the game will not be broadcast locally.

Luckily for both Jersey and Carolina fans alike, the Devils and their network were not so short-sighted. They agreed to pick up the game at the extra cost and it will be broadcast on Center Ice tonight. If it wasn't for them, the game would not be broadcast at all. One would have to think that the extra expense is even greater for the Devils because it's a road game for them.

I guess this could be one difference between being in a major market, and a not so major market, but whose fault is that? For those of you who missed it, Janeybell gave her two cents about this with a bit of a rant here a few days ago.

I don't expect much change in the lineups from the previous couple of games. At the moment, I have no word whether or not Ruutu will make it to Raleigh in time for tonight's faceoff. But there is a chance that Patrick Eaves could make his Carolina debut tonight because he participated in practice yesterday. It would be perfect timing for all concerned if he felt up to it.

I'm going back to the trade-ticker to keep checking for the latest. Tonight I will change the poll and we'll see what people think of this Ladd trade. Game time at 7 tonight. Cheers!

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