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Power to the People - Canes Work the Powerplay

I did make it out to practice today and the team was working long and hard on the powerplay. First, they practiced carrying the puck into the zone and setting things up. (dumping it in the zone was not an option.) Then in a separate drill, they practiced moving the puck around for open shots.

Joe Corvo impressed me and he looks like the real deal with the man advantage. He showed some nifty moves and a sweet shot. Of course Matt Cullen didn't look too shabby himself.

I did not see Glen Wesley, Ray Whitney, or Wade Brookbank on the ice. I'm assuming that they are still injured.

At times, it almost looked like there were more coaches, than players on the ice. I haven't been to very many practices in awhile, so maybe that's the way it usually is. Tom Barrasso, Ron Francis, Kevin McCarthy, Jeff Daniels, and Peter Laviolette were all working hard, sharing their knowledge with the team at the workout. Hopefully, that's not a case of "too many cooks spoil the broth".

Erik Cole will be the guest of Mike Maniscalco on Canes Corner tonight at 6PM at the Sawmill Tap Room. If you can't be on location, you can listen to the interview on "99.9 The Fan", or click the link on the left for live streaming. has a great new story about Eric Staal which was just posted this morning. Check that out here.

That's all I've got right now.

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