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Seven - Caps fail to tap into Carolina's lead

I watched the Pittsburgh-Washington game on the NBC game of the week yesterday, (the Nothing But Crosby network), and it was a pretty good game. With 30 seconds left and the score tied at 2, it seemed certain that the Capitals would get at least one point. But Sidney Crosby sent a puck toward the crease and it was knocked in the net by the Caps own Nicklas Backstrom. Ouch, that had to leave a mark.

That makes two games in a row that Washington had a decent chance to pick up some points, but ended up blowing it. We will see if they can put the disappointment behind them. In the meantime, the Hurricanes division lead remains at 7 points while Washington's stack of games in hand has dwindled down to 1.

After a bit of a hiatus, I'm finally working on another "Take Ten" article and hope to have that online soon. This will be our first exclusive interview with a member of the Hurricanes organization, so be sure to check back for that late tonight or first thing tomorrow.

I might be able to pop into practice this morning and see if anything is new. I'll post a report if I can. Happy Monday!

David Bowie