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Carolina News Bytes

Scanning through some sites around the internet, I came up with a few interesting tidbits. Check this out from Reuters News....

RALEIGH, North Carolina (Reuters) - The Carolina Hurricanes maintained one of the NHL's top dynasties by signing 2007 first-round draft pick Brandon Sutter to a three-year contract, the team said on Wednesday.

One of the NHL's top dynasties? While I'm sure that the author is referring to the Sutter family and not the Carolina franchise, wouldn't it be nice if the Hurricanes were someday considered a dynasty?

To get back to the story-line, Brandon Sutter has been signed for 3 years, and that's excellent news. He'll finish the year with Albany, but then possibly come join the Canes after the River Rats are finished for the season. Albany of course is hoping that will be after the Rats win the Calder Cup.

Keep in mind that it's not unusual for several AHL callups to join their parent club during a long playoff push, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they will play. They get to practice with the team and hang out, just for the experience.

Sutter will finish the year on what is being called a "try-out" contract, so it will not count toward his 3 years.

In other news, thanks to the Hurricanes Insider, I found an article about Matt Cullen. The Forum in Fargo is reporting that he indeed suffered another concussion when landing on his head in Chicago. Matt is still planning on being back in the lineup for the playoffs.

Another hometown paper, the Northumberland News has some news about Justin Williams. Every day is like Ground Hog Day for Justin, but he's planning to be back in time for the playoffs as well. This pretty much confirms most of the conjecture out there, but it's nice to hear it directly from Justin.