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Take it on the Run

It's playoff time and everyone needs to make their picks! You can take my choices anyway you want to though because I offer no guarantees. With the parity in the league, these playoffs could and should be the closest and most exciting ever. Don't look for a Stanley Cup choice from me yet, I'll go one round at a time.


#1 Montreal - #8 Boston

There will be no upset in this series. I'll say Habs in 5.

#2 Pittsburgh - #7 Ottawa

Ottawa could wake up and give the Pens a decent series. A lot depends upon whether or not Martin Gerber can get hot. The Pens are young and could get rattled, especially their goalie. It's hard to see the Pens actually lose this one though. Pens in 7.

#3 Washington - #6 Philadelphia

The Caps have been the hottest team in the league, but the Flyers have been playing pretty well of late themselves. I think this will be a tight series all the way, but Washington should prevail because of Huet and Ovechkin. Caps in 7.

#4 New Jersey - # 5 NY Rangers

This will be another tight one, but I think the Rangers have too much firepower. Rangers in 6.


#1 Detroit - #8 Nashville

Detroit is just too tough. Wings in 5.

#2 San Jose - #7 Calgary

Will San Jose perform their annual disappearing act in the playoffs? Not yet. Sharks in 6.

#3 Minnesota - #6 Colorado

Colorado is loaded for bear and should win this one. Avs in 6

#4 Anaheim - #5 Dallas

As much as I hate the Ducks and everything they represent, (cheating), the Stars have looked too flat for the past month to give anyone any real hope they will win this series. Ducks in 7.

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