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Lonely People - Where Have All The Rats Fans Gone?

During my daily search and perusal of Hurricanes related stories, I came across this interesting article about the Albany River Rats and their attendance issues. According to the author, the Rats have only averaged a total of 1,873 fans for each home game so far this playoff season.

Are you kidding me?

The next time I hear criticism about how any city in the South doesn't deserve a hockey team, I will remember this article. Raleigh has drawn more fans to Canes scrimmages than that. As a matter of fact, this "non traditional hockey market" recently drew over 3,000 fans to watch amateur firefighters and policemen play in a game for charity. That's right, amateurs!

It's hard to believe that the capital city of New York State can't muster up 3,000 lonely souls to watch a professional hockey playoff game. It makes you wonder if the team has a marketing department at all. Is anyone aware that they even have a team in the area? According to the article, they have advertised a lot, but where?

If this blogger could make a couple of humble suggestions....

  1. Call up the RBC Center today and ask if the remaining home games can be played in Raleigh. Nope, 18,000 won't make it, but I guarantee more than 1,873 people will show up. People are hungry for hockey right now and I think team officials would be surprised how many people would attend.

  2. Call up Hannah Montana and have her sing between periods.

  3. Have a blogging contest and open up a "blogger's box". Case in point, more people will read this blog in the next few days then the number who showed up for that game.

  4. Hang out at the RPI rink and steal some of their fans. College hockey is done for the year and those college kids might want something to do.

  5. Have a promotion night. How about a free Tim Conboy bobblehead to the first 5,000 fans? I guarantee a sell-out.

All joking aside, it's a shame more people aren't enjoying hockey up in Albany. I wish that I lived closer, I would be there in a heartbeat.

Along the same subject line, the Rats lost their last game to Philadelphia by a score of 2-1. The series is now tied up at 2-2.

Before signing off, I would just like to take a moment to offer congratulations to Andy over at Hurricanes Insider on the birth of his new baby boy! He posted a pic over at his site, and that is one cute baby. Good luck Andy, life has officially changed as you once knew it!

Speaking of HI, looks like Andy posted a similar article about Rats attendance here.