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These Eyes - A Quick Look Around the League

Team Russia beat Team Canada 4-1 on Monday night in another WHC exhibition game in Quebec. Canada's coach, Ken Hitchcock called the game a "wake up call" for the Canadians. Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, Sergei Fedorov, and Alex Radulov didn't even play in the game. They are physically ready to play, but are still waiting for "clearance" before they can officially join the team.

Looks like Team Russia is loaded for bear.

Team USA is off until Friday when they play their first official tournament game against Latvia in Halifax. Remember the days when Arturs Irbe played goalie for the perpetual underdog Latvians? That used to be fun.

Speaking of goalies, young Carey Price was chased from the Flyers game earlier last night. Seems to me that I said something before the series about Price looking a bit shaky. (although I did pick the Habs to win) I wonder if Gainey is going to look foolish for trading away Huet for a measly 2nd round draft pick. Why did he do it? It's not unusual for a team to need 2 solid goalies during a long playoff run. Just ask Carolina.

If the Habs end up losing this series, fans might just burn down Gainey's house this time rather than a couple of police cars like they did after round one was over. The Flyers now lead the series 2-1.

The Pens are having their way with the Rangers so far in their match-up, but the venue soon changes to Madison Square Garden, and things could get crazy.

The Red Wings look like world beaters at the moment and are dominating the Avs in every aspect over in the West. I'm beginning to wonder if Colorado can win a game. Theodore has not played well at all so far, supposedly because of an illness. Sounds like he might have a case of the "Martin Gerber" playoff disease.

Finally, the Dallas Stars have a 2-0 lead over the Sharks. I haven't watched much of this series, but I did see a "highlight" of Sharks Captain, Patrick Marleau jumping out of the way of a shot, which eventually went into the net and helped Dallas win game one. The Captain is getting some well deserved criticism for his untimely ice dancing.

Some apologists are claiming that the "Marleau hop" was just a reaction. Can you imagine Glen Wesley, or most other Canes for that matter, having any other natural reaction than to try to block a shot?

Hello, this is the playoffs! Now is not the time to be shying away from the puck. No wonder San Jose always fades into oblivion during the 2nd season, it looks like they have no heart, right from the top on down. Perhaps all of those rumors earlier this year about them wanting to trade Marleau were not far off base. I bet they heat up again this summer.

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