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Say You, Say Me - Laviolette Still in Limbo

The News and Observer published a story this morning informing the masses that the long awaited trial of Carolina Head Coach Peter Laviolette, begins next week. The prosecuting attorney will be Jim Rutherford while Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos will acting as the judge, jury, and possible executioner.

Peter Laviolette will be defending himself.

Seriously, what the heck is going on here? How long does it take to "cool off" and make a decision? Now Peter Karmanos himself will be present for this upcoming meeting. Looks like Lavi will be required to do some big-time butt kissing if he wants to keep his job.

Will he be willing to do it, with best buddy Don Waddell keeping the bench warm for him in Atlanta?

When beat writer Luke DeCock attempted to contact Laviolette for his point of view, he was referred to the Hurricanes media department who said that the coach was unavailable for comment. Ouch!

Sounds like the same response that Canes Country would get.

Rutherford was quoted as saying that nothing has changed with him. What hasn't changed? The fact that he is undecided? I don't get it.

Hopefully, the whole issue will be resolved one way or the other by next week. It just seems as if the Canes organization is currently in a state of confusion.

In other brief news, LSB is reporting this morning that it might not be easy to sign some of the Canes restricted free agents, Detroit cruised by Dallas last night in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, and Team USA squeaked by Team Germany in the Worlds.

The Americans are suddenly having big trouble in goal. Tim Thomas was injured, Craig Anderson has been horrid, and Robert Esche doesn't give anyone a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Is Mike Richter still available?

Lionel Richie