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Fairweather Johnson - Golisano to Sell Sabres?

It's been confirmed that rich "wannabe NHL owner" Jim Balsillie gave Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano a call, (or two or three), and inquired about the availability of the Buffalo franchise. According to Bucky Gleason of the Buffalo News, managing partner Larry Quinn issued a (reassuring) statement which said that inquiries were common and that Sabres ownership was not interested in selling the franchise to anyone who might consider moving the team.

Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, Sabres fans?

Apparently, there have been rumors for months that Golisano might sell if the right deal came along and after making that statement, it's obvious that the ownership group is indeed listening to offers..

It's been a tough year for Buffalo all the way around. Not only did the Sabres struggle, but their affiliate team, the Rochester Americans have also been dealing with ownership, legal, and possible moving issues. The once proud farm system of the Sabres doesn't look as formidable as it did as recently as a year ago.

Golisano has been complaining about losing money, just one year removed from the playoffs. This, even after he is not spending the extra salary expense required to sign superstars like Chris Drury and Daniel Briere, who ended up skating away to different teams.

Let me get this straight. After 2 consecutive years of going deep into the playoffs, Golisano is ready to call it quits on his quest for the Cup?

Everyone knows that he had to make a ton of money over those two years. Not only did Buffalo sell out most games, the Sabres also led the league in jersey and apparel sales in 2007 as well. So now, after one bad year he is jumping ship?

I find it ironic that in 2006, after so many Buffalo fans were calling Caniacs "bandwagoners", it might just turn out that they have a "bandwagon" owner. Isn't that rich?

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