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Carolina Blues - Ticket Prices To Go Up

The cost of watching hockey at the RBC Center next year will be like everything else in the local economy, rising.....

The season ticket packages are being sent today and at first glance, I can tell you that the pricing is higher than last year. Without sitting down and doing the math, it appears like there will be a general increase of between 5% to 10%.

The good news is that the Hurricanes are trying to soften the blow. They have gotten a bit creative and will include vouchers for free games as well as points for "gifts", depending upon which package you select. Bottom line, the more money you spend, the more goodies you will get back.

The Carolina Hurricanes homepage has more details here.

This really isn't shocking news because other franchises like the Los Angeles Kings and the Chicago Black Hawks have already announced price increases as well. But it's never easy to sell your fanbase, let alone the general public on any kind of increase, especially with the cost of gas and groceries going up every day.

It's not like these guys won the Cup this past season, either.

I will crunch the numbers tonight and post a more detailed report afterwards.

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