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Dancing Days - Kristi Yamaguchi Wins Dancing With the Stars

Defenseman Bret Hedican's wife, Kristi Yamaguchi won the "Dancing With the Stars" competition last night, which has been ongoing for the past 10 weeks. It was anounced at the end of the program that Yamaguchi had accumulated more points during the show than any other previous contestant.

The significance that this holds for the Hurricanes is that the couple is now supposed to move to California, which means that Hedican's career with Carolina will most likely come to an end.

The free agent defenseman has had some great moments with the franchise, including a Stanley Cup win in 2006 and a Finals appearance in 2002. He scored a couple of big goals in both of those playoffs and was solid on defense. But for the past 2 years he has been fighting various injuries and many think that his best days are behind him.

Next up for Hedican is a meeting with Carolina GM, Jim Rutherford. I have a feeling that JR will wish him the best and Bret will see what kind of of contract that he can get out West. I can't see him retiring and being a house-husband just yet. We will see.

Led Zeppelin