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Time in a Bottle - "New" Head Coach in Colorado

You say Tomato, I say Granato.... Let's call the whole thing off. (sorry, couldn't help myself)

In a move that took everyone by surprise, the Colorado Avs signed assistant coach and ex-head coach, Tony Granato as their (new) head coach for next season. Granato had a very good record when he was head coach previously for the team, but why did they fire him to begin with? What changed since his firing? What will he bring as head coach that he didn't or couldn't bring as an assistant?

An Avs blogger I know, Jibblescribbits had a bit of a meltdown over the announcement. (profanity alert..*L*)

This one is a real head-scratcher. If the Avs wanted to go back in time, why not go with Bob Hartley? I'm no Hartley fan, but at least he won the Cup with the franchise and the move would make a little bit more sense.

Jim Croce